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How it works

It's simple, safe, and free.
  • Click on the Enroll Today button.

  • Choose the school you are fundraising for.

  • Select your utility (SDG&E or SCE) and enter your utility account information.

  • Electronically sign off on the utility form (your utility service is unaffected).

  • Tell us how you prefer to be contacted when the electricity grid needs your help.

  • We will notify you (the day before and/or the morning of) about specific hours when the grid will be strained.

  • Save energy during these hours however you can (turn down the A/C, turn off some lights, delay running appliances, such as your washer/dryer, dishwasher, pool pumps, etc.).

  • Watch as the more you save, the closer your school gets to winning prizes and the mega award!

  • Every participating school receives the following: $100 for 10 sign-ups, $250 for 25 sign-ups, $1,000 for 50 sign-ups, and $2,000 for 100 sign ups.

  • The top 3 participating school communities that save the most energy through 2018 will be awarded $25,000 (1st place), $15,000 (2nd place), and $10,000 (3rd place).

  • Surprise gifts are awarded to households that sign up and consistently save the most energy.

*Checks will be made out to the school PTA as appropriate and approved.

*Top 3 prizes are based on a minimum total 5,000 households registered across all schools.

How it works
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